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SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website/web page in search engine's organic results. An SEO optimized website has more chances to come up more frequently in the search engine results list

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Search engine marketing is critical for today's businesses to keep the competitive edge and maximize Internet exposure. Our highly-refined and tested methodologies, services and optimization techniques will increase your website exposure and assure top positions on all of the major search engines.

ESP’s expert SEO team know the in's and out's of the SEO process. We have gained trust of many happy customers through our successful SEO achievements. Our SEO process starts with the collection of data, research and development of SEO important aspects and ends by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website. One of the key factors of a successful search engine optimization campaign is the careful selection of relevant keywords. The process of search engine optimization covers two basic areas: on-page, and Off-page optimization.

On-page optimization refers to on site elements such as HTML code, textual content, Meta Tags and images. The Off-page optimization process covers primarily back-links which are generated through different websites, sources and mediums.

What good is your website if it is not
listed on the first page of a search engine?

Our experts will optimize content on your site and make sure that it is submitted to all major search engines. In this process, we will take care of the following for you;

  • Social

    Pro-Active on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.

  • Link building

    Direct link referencing to internal content on your site.

  • Keywords

    Important keywords that search engine users will likely use to find your content.

  • Content

    Relevant content that will delight visitors while answering their queries.

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Complete Process of Working

Place Your Business at the TOP of Search Engines With 100% Ethical SEO Services According to Google's Guidelines


This step includes the analysis of your website. We analyze your website URL structure, Meta Information, internal linking, website code to text ratio, content of the website, website time load and many other important aspects and SEO-related elements. Also, we run competitors analysis to design custom SEO strategies for your website.


In this phase, we do keyword research regarding your products/services. Our keywords discovery process covers important elements like Actual Search Queries data collection and your targeting location to find local search terms. Once ready, we share the suggested list of keywords for your review and approval.


We do On-Page optimization according to the best SEO standard. This helps fix the missing SEO elements that were checked in very 1st step of SEO analysis. Along with that, we not only cover important Meta Tags, but we also embed the latest tracking elements like Google Analytics and Webmaster Verification to authenticate your website for related search engines.

Off-Page Optimization

Step four starts from the link-building strategies we need to apply for Off-Page Optimization. We keep all the important factors in mind like the nature of the business, competitor’s strategies, quality of back-links and many more things.


On a daily basis, we analyze the strategies we applied to get and maintain top positions in search engines. We compile all the results in the shape of a complete SEO report showing rankings of the keywords, traffic sources, user behavior and many more things in the form of graphical and contextual content


Once all the important aspects of On-Page are applied, the website is ready to be submitted to major search engines. Using the right gateway like Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster and many other platforms, we submit the website and its elements to Search Engines for better indexing.

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Maintenance Fee $ 389 per month
One Time Setup Fee $ 399

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Maintenance Fee $ 495 per month
One Time Setup Fee $ 510

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Maintenance Fee $ 649 per month
One Time Setup Fee $ 695


Website Analysis

A report analyzing how effectively your current website is optimized, to achieve high rankings in searches.

Maximum Keywords to be Finalized up to 10 up to 20 up to 30

On Page Optimization

Meta Tags Integration

Images can generate a lot of traffic from image-based search engines (such as Google Images). ALT Tags are added to identify images and are vital for image optimization.

Image Optimization

Meta Tags are keywords, titles and descriptions inserted at the top of a Web page to describe its content and provide keywords for use by search engines. They are a vital part of the SEO process to get preference from search engines.

HTML Sitemap Creation

HTML Sitemap is a list of all of the website pages like an interactive table of contents. It’s created to make the website both more user friendly and more accessible to crawlers and users.

XML Sitemap Creation & Submission

Creation of search engine friendly XML Sitemaps for indexing helps to ensure that search engines know about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling process.

Google Analytics Set Up & Monitoring

Google Analytics generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic, traffic sources and measures website effectiveness by collecting statistics based on user behavior and interaction.

Robots.txt Optimization

If there are files and directories you do not want indexed by search engines, a robots.txt file is used to block specific pages or directories from search engine indexing including shopping carts, sign up and payment pages.

RSS Feed Generation
Heading Tags

Heading tags are used to differentiate the heading of a page from the rest of the content. The most important heading tag is the h1 tag and least important is the h6 tag. Adding h1 to h6 tags has an impact on both the SEO and usability of your site.

Google Webmaster Submission

Google Webmaster Tools improve and optimize websites by giving a clear picture of exactly what is going on within the site and that helps with better indexing and website management.

Bing Webmaster Submission

Microsoft's Bing search engine allows websites to be added to the Bing index crawler. These tools can help discover both issues on your site as well as opportunities.


The .htaccess file is a useful feature that allows more control and lets you easily redirect pages and more.

Off Page Optimization

Manual Search Engine Submission

Manually submit your website URL to Search Engines to make search engines aware of your website or page.

Link Building

Link Building one of the most important factors for determining that website's search engine ranking, popularity and importance. When your site features relevant, factual information that is written well, the administrators of other websites will want to link to your site because it offers their readers something of interest and value.

Manual Relevant Directory Submission
Local / Niche Directory Submission

Manually submit your website to relevant directory listings that match your niche market.

Article Submissions

Submit current informative and promotional articles based on your services or products to different article submission websites.

Blog Posting

A blog is a discussion about a specific topic in the form of text, images and links and helps users find relevant information they are looking for.

Forum Posting

Build credence and social networking by posting links on popular social bookmarking websites to increase your own traffic and gain an ongoing stream of new readers and visitors.

Blog Link Dir Submissions

Blog submission on various blog directories promotes a specific post or news from your blog.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting Post comments on other blogs to share feedback and generate traffic.

Google Places Submissions

Submitting your business on Google Places for businesses helps make your physical location more visible for Google Maps or MapQuest users.


Reporting Every 2 Months Every Month Every Month

What our Clients Say

Dominique M Businessmen I first spoke to Tim and inquired about a re-designing website for my company. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I was pleased that he was able to answer all of my questions and gave excellent feedback on how to improve and re-design my current website. I explained what I was looking for and Zehra was excellent designing it. ESP went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied. The website is spectacular and I couldn’t be more proud to give my business card and tell people to check out our website!
Now, I am currently working on my 2nd website for another business with ESP and of course Zehra and Tim are still great and willing to please. I especially appreciate how patient and understanding they are when I cannot get back to them as soon as I would like. My 2nd website is coming along fantastic thanks to Zehra and Tim!
Goli’s~ Businessmen Wow! I had been searching for some time for a web site developer for my husband’s apparel business and a face lift for my own dental office website. I came across ESP in my searches and liked the look of their websites. One of my friends, a plastic surgeon, had just built a site with a local Beverly Hills company for $25k. Tim and his team completed much more than a face lift for me (charged me the same price as they would for a face lift of my current site). When I compare now my site to my friend’s site I thought I could never afford, they are almost identical. Mind you, Tim and his team had never seen the other guy’s site.
You're incredible Tim! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Shelly M Businessmen I have used ESP for many years professionally for web work. The owner Tim is very knowledgeable and has a hands on approach when he works with you. My marketing results increased right away from the optimization that ESP did for me. It is hard in today's world to find a really good team of people to do business with- they are friendly, professional and very good at what they do.
Michael C. Businessmen Wow 1 Where do I start we did a lot of research prior to speaking with Tim at ESP Interactive for out Social Media and Google pay per click. I have to admit they know there stuff. I am happy give these guys a try. My big thing is Tim is one phone call away and that to me the bottom line is accountability. One phone call does it all. Whooooew. !
Other companies you never get to speak to the same person again.
Jason L. Businessmen I had the pleasure to work with Shawn Austin and his team at ESP over the past 5 years. They have all proven to be very knowledgeable in the design and maintenance of our company website. We are ranked #1 in the majority of our keyword searches due to the SEO strategies implemented. I highly recommend ESP for your web design and SEO needs.
Jason L. Businessmen Here we are 3 years since my 1st review... I am glad to say I am still a client of ESP Interactive Solutions. They have continued to be there for my web design, online marketing and advertising needs as my businesses have continued to grow. I would suggest using ESP for anyone in the need of an online presence.